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Compact Flash - SATA adapter

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SATA-adaptern gör att du kan byta till Compact Flash istället för 2.5" hårddisk.
Bra ersättningsprodukt till en 2.5" traditionell hårddisk.
Compact Flash (CF) adaptern är ljudlös och enkel att byta.
Används ofta även i industriella sammanhang.

Information enligt kund se:

Information på Engelska nedan.
CF to SATA converter. 
Enable Compact Flash (CF) be used as an ordinary 2.5 SATA hard drive. 
Just mounts directly onto your notebook/laptop 2.5" SATA connector. Transparent to the operating system and doesnot require any new drivers. 
Compatible with CF I & CF II. 
SATA interface. 
CF Card can be the primary bootable device containing the OS and applications. 
Support DMA and Ultra DMA modes(only on flash media card with such features). 
Tested UDMA mode 4 using AData 266x and Transcend 133x.
Compatible with DOS, Windows 3.1 NT4, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista Mac, Linux.
Using AData 266x 2GB.
Average continues read speed: 37 MB per second.
Average continues write speed: 25.7 MB per second.
Using Transcend 133x 4GB.
Average continues read speed: 35 MB per second.
Average continues write speed: 14 MB per second.

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